*Sçorpiä* – a MiiVerse artist!

As I joined Miiverse again on the WiiU I saw some so amazing pictures from the user *Sçorpiä* from the USA. I really was amazed by them and wrote a comment. And she just answered with another amazing picture! What can I say, she seems, that she really loves drawing for her life! I picked some pictures! Tell me bellow, what do you think. You will find some characters from Naruto, Dragonball Z, Disney, Yugi-oh, One Piece and a lot from other mangas and animations too!

The crazy thing: There really isn’t much space to draw on nor any special tools to use there besides the pen and a rubber in three thikness levels! It’s amazing, in what precision these drawings are made!

You can follow her on Miiverse, if you search for “Electra_Odium“. I really can recommend it! One of the coolest things I saw until now on that new social network.

Thank you for that great work and keep up with it, *Sçorpiä*!


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