A request @Nintendo: Stop gyro controls in online matches of Mario Tennis Open!

Dear Nintendo,

please listen to me! It’s about Mario Tennis Open. If you play online, people just can turn on “GYRO CONTROLS” and the character moves by itself with the highest CPU level, which makes it really unfair and unplayable for all other players. PLEASE bring a patch for it, so you can’t cheat that way anymore in online matches!

We organize tournaments (with tournament calender and rankings) in our Mario Tennis Open group on facebook, which is really annoying, when people try to cheat: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mariotennisopen/

By the way, can you also please
- remove the region lock, so we are able to play against friends from other continents
- remove the restriction of having the same character twice
in a friendly match, because we had big talks about and tried to find solutions. It caused big trouble! I wrote a long analysis about that here, which still caused problems: http://benji.ch/?p=870

Thank you!

One of your biggest fans,

PS: If you like, we would be proud being sponsored with prices for the tournaments from Nintendo.:)


To all people, who are with me: Please help me spreading this twitter post by favorite and retweeting, so Nintendo will notice! Thank you! –> https://twitter.com/Benji5000/status/272875312163999744

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